We have clients  spread across Gt. Accra, Volta, Central, Western, Ashanti and Northern Regions that are using software developed and implemented by Co Systems.


Danpong Pharmaceuticals, Guggis Pharmacy, Marisa & May Pharmacy, Micaby Enterprise,
Baby List Shop, Darrena Phones, Faith Pharmacy, Blossom Ventures,
Dykeens Phones, Tinaton Ventures, Bertmay Enterprise, Diora Ghana Ltd.,
Esidem Hospital, Marpe Pharmacy, Pills  & Tabs Pharmacy, Liberty Pharmacy,
Luckywife mart, Alpat Pharmacy, Healthnet (Mobimed) Pharmacy,
Ally Pharmacy Ltd, HealthPlus Pharmacy, Pill Bay Pharmacy, Big Ben Phones;

USP Ghana, Health Royale Pharmacy, Dominion Pharmacy, Kids Couture,
Santa Theres Pharmacy, Ream Pharmacy, Haatso Pharmacy, A&E Pharmacy,
Health Consult Pharmacy, Big Maron Pharmacy, Gidget Chemist, Samest Pharmacy,
Azater Pharmacy, St Patrick Pharmacy, St. Leeroy, Lisprince Mart,
Crystal Tabs Pharmacy, Deccon Pharmacy, Magmitch Pharmacy,
Paramedica Pharmacy, Getwell & Staywell Pharmacy, Oguaaman Pharmacy, After The Sunset;

NARPO Welfare Association, Vadem Pharmacy, Weststar Pharmacy, Ceizons Pharmacy,
deMens Pharmacy, Kids World, Gaspharm Pharmacy, AsFriends Pharmacy,
Foodland Groceries, 3ks Pharmacy, Urban Classy Ltd, Todo Pharmacy,
Likem Pharmacy, Daby’s Pharmacy, Delivery Chemist & Mart, BCT Mart,
Better Life Pharmacy, Hilton Chemist Ltd, Kaye Sunrise Company Ltd, Remy’s Lodge;Kids World

American Dream Stores, Medlife Pharmacy, Benlet Chemist Ltd/Mart, Juicy Pharmacy, Alpha-Beta Pharmacy, Humano Pharmacy, Cristalife Pharmacy, Jireh Heights Pharmacy, Prime Health Pharmacy, C & M Baasakor Ltd., Ultimate Wine & Liquor, Marygold Pharmacy, BKF Ventures, Gabby’s Home, Baby List Shop, MCM Kids Boutique, Zakks Pharmacy, Geokawu Pharmacy Ltd., Nanabell Home of Toiletries, T. Chandirams Ltd, 

American ShopGh, Greenfort Essentials, Solutionz Mart,Balloons Ghana Ltd, Hutch Pharma Ltd., Kent Pharmacy,Krobea Pharmacy, S & S Pharmacy, Baccenta Pharmacy Ltd.,Discovery Pharmacy, etc